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Friends of 2Fires Art Show Invitation Jack Image 2017 22FWhen: Saturday 13th May - Monday 29th May

Where: Altenburg & Co, 104 WALLACE ST BRAIDWOOD NSW 

*Painting by Jack Featherstone - to be raffled

Participating artists include: Jack Featherstone, Natalie Densley, Greg Watts, Sam Kidd, Cheryl Davison, Bronwen Smith, Cecile Galiazzo, Gail Nichols, Ian Marr, Catherine Moore, John Blay, Sue Irving, Cathy Peake, Jenni Kemarre Martiniello, Lyndy Delian, Lyn Talbot, Frank Lindner, Robin Wallace-Crabbe, Virginia Wallace-Crabbe, Julian Laffan, Olivia Bernardoff, Trish Roberts, Noel Butler, Marianne Courtenay, William Verdon, Lizzie Hall, Victoria Clutterbuck, Janita Byrne, Fran Ifould, Greg Sugden, Bev Hogg, Pauline Webber, Paris Silvester & Gwenna Green.

Navajo“The Story Behind The Story: Biography of A Navajo Medicine Man

Valerie Albrecht launched her book, “The Story Behind The Story: Biography of a Navajo Medicine Man” at Miss Ruby’s a few months ago.

As a follow-up, Valerie will lead a discussion for those who have either read the book or are interested to do so. Everyone welcome to attend.

When: 3 June 2017, 2.00pm

Where: Braidwood Community Arts Centre

art centre 

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