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Please make payment to:
BRAG General Account
Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633000
Account No. 118343367
Reference: your name and the relevant code below:

ATT dd/mm/yy= attent event
AWS dd/mm/yy= attend workshop
RWS= rent workshop area (back room)
RG1= Rent gallery zone 1 – front
RG2= Rent gallery zone 2 – front
RG3= Rent gallery zone 3 – Long gallery
BMS yy= single membership
BMF yy= family membership
BMJ yy= junior membership
BNO yy= organisation membership

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Mail cheques to:
45 Wallace Street
Braidwood NSW 2622

Please do not send cash by mail. Deposit cash at the Bendigo Bank; please change payment type to Direct Deposit to access account details

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