Installation & Removal of Event

The hirer will be required to set up & remove their event/exhibition/workshop/classes tools & equipment etc.

For Exhibitors.

  • All exhibitors are to attend an induction session, for the use & care of the Arts Centres professional hanging system. 
  • All 2D works need to be ready to hang with D- rings.
  • Installation of exhibition is to take place Wed - Thurs of hirers commencing week.
  • Removal of the exhibition is to take place no later than the last Tuesday of the hirers exhibition period.
  • No artwork packing is to be left on the Art Centres premises during the exhibition period.
  • The artist is to supply numbering identification cards for each artwork & an exhibition Price List that these correspond to.
  • The exhibitor is to provide Blu Tac for wall mounting of artwork sales cards & any other wall mounted information.
  • Any additional display requests or equipment to be used must be approved by the Arts Centre Management. It is desirable that an Artist Statement regarding the exhibitions intent also be on display.

Gallery Supervision

It is the responsibility of exhibitors to supervise their exhibition during the days of operation, unless by special arrangement. Normal hours of opening are Saturdays and Sundays between 10.00am and 3.00pm.


Exhibitors Artwork is not covered by the Braidwood Community Arts Centres insurance arrangements. Visitors & volunteers of the Arts Centre are protected under the Braidwood Regional Arts Group umbrella insurance.

Sale of Work

Is to be handled by the exhibitor. Special arrangements can be made to access BRAG's sales facilities ie: efptos & credit card sales machine. This facility is charged at a 5% commission per sales process, to cover all handling fees & bank charges.

Promotion of Exhibition/Workshop/Other event

Exhibition invitations & promotional material is the responsibility of the exhibitor, however.... The Braidwood Community Arts Centre will list the exhibition on the BRAG website and Facebook page & include it in the members' E-newsletter.

Opening Event & Catering

Hirers must organise their own catering for their exhibition opening or event. Cleaning up & removal of food stuffs is to take place on the evening or day of the event. BRAG can provide a supervised alcohol service, where the proceeds of sales contribute to the maintenance of the Community Arts Centre. Alternatively the hirer can supply their own alcoholic beverages but they must be complimentary.


It is expected that the hirer will tidy the space & leave it in the clean state presented to them.

Other Activities

Hirers are to consider that other activities will take place in the Arts Centre during their exhibition period,
such as meetings, Arts & Performance workshops/classes or possible other functions. Please discuss with the ACMG calendar of booked events & classes during your proposed hire period.

SUB – Leasing

Any form of Sub-leasing of the Arts Centre facility during Hire period is regarded as Commercial Hire & will incur a 25% increase on top of the Non-member price, even if that hirer is a BRAG member. Sub-leasing will only be agreed to on a case by case basis, after proposal form has been completed. If agreed to, a sub-leasing disclaimer sign will be displayed by the Braidwood Community Arts Centre.

Exhibition, Workshop/Other Events Hire and Fees

Normal options are outlined on the 2014 Fees & Information page. Other options may be negotiated with the Arts Centre Management upon application


Your choices:

you can book or hire for exhibition or workshop on-line,


you can download and print any of the forms using the link below, complete and mail/email it as per instructions on the form.






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