• art prizeThe Braidwood Community Bank (non acquisitive) Heritage Art Prize was offered through the Braidwood Heritage Society Inc. (BHS) and was managed by a joint Working Party of BHS & BRAG.

    It was open to artists living in Braidwood and Bungendore & their surrounding regions. The Art prize was provided by the Braidwood and Bungendore Community Bank as an encouragement to and acknowledgement of the artists living in these regions and the community as a whole.

    Prizes were offered in four categories: Judge's Award - Adult entry, Judge's Award - Junior entry, Peoples' Choice Award (adult) and Peoples' Choice Award (junior). Artwork had to meet the requirements outlined in the Terms and Conditions for Entry and reflect the theme of 'Braidwood Heritage - yesterday, today, tomorrow'. 

    The work entered were judged by Shane Breynard, Director, ACT Museums and Galleries.

    It is expected that the heritage Art Prize Award will become a bi-annual event.

    Winners 2014


    Gillmatong yesterday today tomorrowWinner, Adult Category - Cecile Galiazzo 

    Corby1Corby2Corby3Winner, Youth Category - Forbes Corby

  • Ben Kovacs Self portrait yr3


    exploration works by developing child artists from Braidwood Central School

    January 2012

    The twenty-six Grade 1 & 2 Students of Braidwood Central School certainly gave it their best shot as they embarked on a journey of discovery - a discovery of the world around them. With the guidance of Jude Kovacs, a member of BRAG, it was a journey of imaginative minds. Given freedom to think, express themselves and grow, they discovered art as an outlet that cannot be found in other places; art letting them say what they could not put into words.





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