Opening night show, 28th October 2016, from MASK/unMASK exhibition 2016

Thanks to:

  • Paul Cockram for making the video
  • Elisa Bryant from the Drama Department at Braidwood Central School

Very special thanks to:

  • Lucy - wearing "Lady Hemiptera" by Kristy Moyle
  • Megan - wearing "The Green Man" by Maggie Hickey
  • Abby - wearing "Gasp!" by Nicola Fairfax
  • Emma - wearing "Terra Madre" by Shirin Richards
  • Aria - wearing "Balance" by Naomi Bolin
  • Isobel - wearing "Disillusioned Kanga" by Gwenna Green
  • Emily - wearing "Weeping Woman: Medusa of the Tears" by Vera Sapov
  • Rea - wearing "Leaf the Tree" by Sandra Hand
  • Myrtle - wearing "We Could Be Heroes" by Elizabeth Hawkes





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